key Accidents

In the state of Colorado, auto insurance is obligatory for all drivers. The Department of Regulatory Agencies is responsible for enforcing the regulation. At McDonald Insurance Group of Colorado, we understand the importance of being covered and appreciate working with the government to provide cutting edge services to the residents of the state.

State Legal Requirements

Liability Insurance

We offer liability insurance which is mandatory for all drivers. The policy covers damages caused to another car in an accident. The liability coverage must have bodily injury and property damage.

Additional Auto Policies Offered

Collision Policy

We understand that your car will be damaged when it hits another vehicle or an object. Our collision coverage safeguards you from costs associated with such collisions. Where liability covers the other vehicle, this covers yours when you are at fault.

Comprehensive Coverage

Sometimes damages caused to your car may be unrelated to accidents. Costs may be due to vandalism, theft, wild animals, or fire. Our extensive coverage is tailored to protect you from similar losses.

Medical Coverage

Our auto medical policy comes as part of the liability. It is worth mentioning that sometimes the liability coverage limit may be exceeded. To protect yourself from incurring payments when you exceed your coverage, you can acquire our medical payment policy.

Underinsured or Uninsured

When you are on the road, an accident can be caused by an underinsured or uninsured person. We understand that such circumstances can be devastating for you. Our underinsured or uninsured coverage will safeguard you. It covers the damages caused and the medical expenses to the limits of the policy.

Reach out to McDonald Insurance Group of Colorado to learn more about auto insurance. If you are looking for a quote, try our online rating tool for insurance quotes on auto and home policies. We are ready to help you get started with an auto insurance policy and can walk you through the process to get started.